Frequently Asked Questions:

It is important to feel ready to undergo this healing process as you are an active participant. It is not a passive therapy process.

What if it doesn't work for me?

When I came to the Journey I thought I was going to the only person it wouldn't work for. This is a common concern. I have facilitated hundreds of Journey processes and they all work! Sometimes the order changes slightly but the process always works, there is no way to get it wrong! I have directly worked with clients whose physical body symptoms have completely disappeared after Journeywork. This has been the case for thousands of people all around the world.

What if I can't get in touch with my emotions?

When we have experienced so called 'negative' emotions in our past we have been taught that they should be avoided. This may have set up a pattern of pushing all emotions down. The Journey process simply and effectively gets you back in touch with your emotions in a profound yet gentle way. You will not be creating anything new that isn't already within you, with the Journey you are bringing it to the surface to allow yourself to heal.

I have too many things to heal.

All of us have experienced life to date and most have accumulated emotional, mental and physical baggage along the way. The Designer Journey Process is a stand alone healing session and many people's lives are totally altered by this. It is recommended that you experience a few additional Journey sessions to continue the deep healing you have started. This also supports you in your life as you learn to express yourself more, in the safe environment of the sessions, this then spreads out into your life and you become more self expressed and authentic in the way you relate to others and your life.

How do I know if it's value for money?

When you decide to invest money in yourself and your life the rewards are tremendous. You gain in more ways than direct healing. This sends a message to yourself that you are worth it, that you are prioritising yourself as well as all the routine ways we allocate our money. The Journey is a profound healing that is awakening and is in fact priceless in it's gifts.

How do I prepare for my Journey?

If you are experiencing a Journey via the telephone you will receive clear preparation suggestions of how to set up your own personal space for your Journey to happen at home, in the comfort and security of your own surroundings. You will also be given support guidelines sharing ways to nurture yourself after your process.

How do choose the right therapist?

You will know if you resonate with a therapist, trust your instincts.

What if I can't relate on the telephone?

Journeywork is therapy in consciousness and you are therefore not required to be in the same room for it to be effective. Because there is no face to face contact we simply dive straight into the Journey and the time and energy that would normally be given in the face to face relationship is channelled into the process itself. The results are of private Journey processes are extraordinary by telephone, Skype or face to face.

The Journey

'The Journey', by Brandon Bays, is an extraordinary healing process for awakening, transformation and completion with life changing and lasting results

The Journey by Brandon Bays

A Designer Journey

During a Designer Journey process you will experience both the Physical and the Emotional Journey Processes combined, as outlined in Brandon's book 'The Journey'.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Journey

Journey Therapy with Tila Clark

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I am blessed to have participated in Brandon's first ever Journey Accreditation programme, in London in 1999 and I am a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner.

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