What is Journey Therapy?

The Journey is a guided self healing process of awakening with profound and lasting results. The Journey, is now recognised internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available.

Experience the JourneyIt is a way of healing physical, emotional and mental issues that stop us from experiencing and embracing the fullness and richness of life! It is healing in consciousness, it does not come from the mind.

You can use this unique self-healing process throughout your life over and over again with amazing and lifelong results.

Journey Sessions:
Designer Journey

Follow-Up Journey (having completed the Designer Journey)
3 session minimum

Who goes through a Journey?

Over a million people have already experienced their own Journey process over the last 15 years. Some people, as was the case with me, have never experienced anything like The Journey before and come open and trusting. They make a profound discovery about themselves and awaken to the possibility of healing themselves of any issue in the past and present.

Others who are already on their path of self-understanding come to The Journey and find it immensely powerful. They are delighted that such an easy and effective process is now available for them to use in their daily life. They can see that the Journey helps gain absolute completion of issues from the past. Frequently Asked Questions about the Journey.

What are the benefits of the Journey Process?

Each person receives their own personal healing experience from participating in their own healing Journey.

However, there are common themes that occur during a Journey Process:

"The Truth is, we can all be living our lives soaking in Grace, even living in total Freedom and yet all of us still have veils, limitations and old karmas that need clearing - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I really want to encourage you to continue stripping away anything that might obscure the natural freedom and potential inside. And with all my heart I urge you to take action to clear the issues that dampen your experience of the magnificence of life.

Brandon Bays, author of The Journey

Life is inviting you right now to open your heart and your being to the joy, the juice, the wonder that is here, waiting.

It's inviting you to experience the fullness of your own potential. It really feels as if the whole of life will conspire together to support you in fulfilling your prayer for freedom and wholeness."

~ Brandon Bays
The Journey

The Journey can help overcome all physical and emotional blocks and helps with issues like:

fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, phobias, anger and rage, addictions, lack of self confidence, physical illness and disease, abuse of all types, relationship difficulties, weight loss, pain, bereavement & grieving, sexual issues, jealousy, fatigue, loss of joy for life, lack of focus and direction, doubt of self and others, completing the past, finding purpose and life meaning, achieving balance in your life, behavioural disorders

How can I experience the Journey?

There are two main ways you can experience the Journey Process, either privately with a therapist or by attending the 3 day Journey Intensive Workshop.

The workshops in Australia happen primarily over in the Eastern States.

What type of Journey will I experience with a therapist?

You can experience your own private Journey process guided by an Accredited Journey Practitioner who has been personally trained by Brandon Bays.

All Journey therapists have undergone their own Journeys, and are personally recommended by Brandon and the Journey. Face to face Journeys, telephone Journeys or Skype Journeys may be offered depending on the practitioner.

Therapists go through an intensive training program, attending 7 workshops including Manifesting Abundance, Healing with Conscious Communication and No Ego. Each therapist completes over 35 case studies and attends the powerful Life Transformation Week as a completion of their training.

Each therapist holds the highest intention for their clients.

What others have said about Tila.

"It always makes me smile to be reminded how intuitive you are."

"I'm sure once she hears the love in your voice it will give her hope and encourage her to visit you. Fingers crossed!"

"I am feeling well, and I felt unusually alert and aware of my surroundings after the session.

"The Journey Therapy overall has been a great help for me.

"There are definitely shifts happening, lots of feelings and emotions coming up and sometimes I slip back into old habits but I think Im now able to observe
when Im doing this instead of being unaware I was doing it at all.

"I feel much clearer and calmer, without the usual fatigue. Feels like something really big has shifted."

"Thank you for the amazing journey.

"Since The Journey some strange and wonderous things are starting to happen.

"My life is filling up with beautiful things.

"It really is amazing. I'm Feeling Great.

"I was conscious and aware of how I was reacting so I tried to get a handle on my emotions by asking myself, what was beneath it and going through the layers."

"It is amazing that I did all that work in one session, and that it was so easy!"

"Thank you so much for the journey the other day. It's so interesting to see how differently I have reacted this time than last time! I feel that I am so much more aware of how I feel and just so much more open to the process."

"I wanted you to know I am having a great time processing it all!!"

The Journey

'The Journey', by Brandon Bays, is an extraordinary healing process for awakening, transformation and completion with life changing and lasting results

The Journey by Brandon Bays

A Designer Journey

During a Designer Journey process you will experience both the Physical and the Emotional Journey Processes combined, as outlined in Brandon's book 'The Journey'.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Journey

Journey Therapy with Tila Clark

About Me

I am blessed to have participated in Brandon's first ever Journey Accreditation programme, in London in 1999 and I am a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner.

Send me a message on Facebook and I will be in touch with you very soon.

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