Enneagram Sessions

Since indentifying my ego type, using the 'Enneagram', I have found it much easier to let go of old behaviour patterns. I find this profound tool invaluable for ongoing personal transformation and for integrating healing into daily life!

My behaviours where 100% identified within one Enneagram Personality or Ego Type, I was at first shocked! I could clearly see where my personality would try to 'trip me up' and I could really do something about it allowing me to deepen and supported me to understand and let go of these patterns.

Tila honours sacredness

Enneagram Ego Type Identification

You will identify your enneagram personality type and understand the core behavioural issues of your type.

Letting go of the Ego:
Ego Type Identification Session
3hr session, $480

Enneagram Life Coaching Sessions

You will deepen in your knowledge of your core ego type and we use practical events in your life to see and understand the mechanisms of your ego. These insights help you let go of your personality over time.

Designed to support clients these sessions work directly in your life using the wisdom of the Enneagram teachings. Using the Enneagram and your identified personality type we will look at 'everyday' situations that arise for you.

These situations provide valuable insights into old learned behavioural patterns.

With the tools of the Enneagram we can see where our personality is most likely to catch us out. We will discuss the fears, blocks, issues and behaviours of your identified personality type and see how these impact on your life using in-life coaching sessions.

Tila honours sacredness

These sessions provide great results for you and your life. Clients benefit greatly from this type of regular contact, sessions fortnightly for three month. This allows enough time to see and understand the mechanism of the personality, clearly identify those behaviour paterns within yourself your life and start to let go of those patterns over time with support.

Letting go of the Ego:
Coaching session by telephone
1hr/$175, 4 session minimum

The Journey

'The Journey', by Brandon Bays, is an extraordinary healing process for awakening, transformation and completion with life changing and lasting results

The Journey by Brandon Bays

A Designer Journey

During a Designer Journey process you will experience both the Physical and the Emotional Journey Processes combined, as outlined in Brandon's book 'The Journey'.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Journey

Journey Therapy with Tila Clark

About Me

I am blessed to have participated in Brandon's first ever Journey Accreditation programme, in London in 1999 and I am a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner.

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