Tila Clark, Senior Accredited Journey Therapist

The Journey Processes I facilitate are via the telephone. You relax and experience your own Journey in the comfort, familiarity¬†and privacy of your own home. 

I facilitiate Journeys mostly with people living in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact me for an introductory chat or to book your Journey Session.

Before the Journey...

Tila Clark, Journey TherapistBefore I knew of the Journey, in 1998, I felt that there was some secret about life that I didn't know or understand.

I had a longing for something that I could not explain with my logical mind. Although everything in my life seemed perfect, it felt like there was still something missing, some missing link.

With complete serendipity 'The Journey' book jumped out to me in the airport bookshop, and I could not put it down. I could not believe what I was reading, was there real magic after all? I wondered why it wasn't common knowledge that we could heal ourselves?

I read the book in a few days and had a deep desire to go through my own process. I discovered that Brandon was also living in London and was running Journey Workshops.

I was overwhelmed with delight. I registered for the next available weekend workshop and I was filled with excitement. This felt like it was fulfilling my longing.

My Journey began...

The JourneyThat Journey Intensive weekend was transformational, I experienced a deep awakening. I realised that I am truly free, that I am Freedom itself.

Having experienced myself in this way once I wanted only to dive deeper, to remove any block standing in the way of my authentic self expression.

I had a strong calling to deepen in the Journey as a Therapist and Brandon one week after my Intensive Weekend announced her first ever Journey Practitioners Accreditation Programme.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and applied in open surrender and was accepted. Everything happened so remarkably fast!

I dived in, fully letting go and surrendered everything that I knew to be the old me. I completed memories from the past forgiving myself and others.

I learned about my ego and that my behaviours are conditioned and totally predictable, according to type! This was to be the most amazingly revealing and healing 12 months.

I let go fully into the Embrace and the unknown... I emerged feeling clear of my past burdens and empowered to deal with any other issues that might come up in my life! I was an Accredited Journey Practitioner just before the millennium!


My continuing Spiritual Journey...

Tila ClarkJust after completing my Journey Practitioners Accreditation my husband and I were inspired to travel the world. I left the job I'd had for 10 years, we sold our home and we went travelling. We kept travelling for 3 years and never returned to London...

We discovered other amazing teachers along our spiritual path such as beloved Osho and Gangaji and we completed the entire Landmark Forum Curriculum over 2 years which enhanced our experience of being alive.

We fell in love with Australia and over the course of a few years became residents and then citizens. We now live together with our three children in Denmark, a quaint and naturally beautiful small town on the edge of the Southern Ocean and ancient forests in Western Australia.

My life totally transformed because of The Journey.

What others have said...

"Tila exudes an enthusiasm and commitment to living her fullest life by living by example. Her wisdom, compassion and inner beauty adds to one’s experience in a gentle yet profound way."

"It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Tila to anyone seeking a professional therapist with unquestionable integrity, a full and open heart and a willingness to flow with a clients experience, innovatively and intuitively guiding the Journey processwith genuine caring, depth and insight."

"I encourage anyone considering exploring their growth and potential to speak with Tila about a personal Journey experience."

"Tila clearly honours the sacredness of the experience and values confidentiality in her client’s journey processes."

"Many thanks for such a great experience :) I've found myself free an easy and confident from the source! That's a new experience for me!! I danced with careless abandon today where others were embarrassed I was "Free" - subtle but amazing changes in my way of being :)"

"It really is amazing. I'm Feeling Great.
Thank you so much."

"The Journey has set up a beautiful strong foundation for my new way of life, for that I am grateful. Thank you for who you are and for helping people like myself to heal our fractured lives."

Book YOUR Designer Journey and feel the freedom!

The Journey Processes I facilitate are via the telephone. You relax and experience your own Journey in the comfort, familiarity and privacy of your own home.

Contact me for an introductory chat or to book your Journey Session.

To become a therapist I went through an extensive programme culminating in the Practitioners Training Week.

This was the most amazingly revealing and healing 12 months. I am personally trained by Brandon to facilitate your Journey Therapies.

I am one of the World's first Journey Therapists having been selected for Brandon's first ever Therpist Training Program in 1998 in London.

About the Journey Therapy

"To call the Practitioners' Programme merely thorough and comprehensive would be a massive understatement. It is an extraordinary experience!

In it you will learn to facilitate huge release, growth and healing of others ... by using yourself as the 'guinea pig'. This is not a course for someone of casual interest, nor is it for the faint hearted. It is a programme for those with a deep longing for Truth.

It is for those with the courage to look at and heal from their own issues, in order to better facilitate healing in others. It is for those with the commitment to serve from the deepest and the highest place."
~ The Journey


The Journey

'The Journey', by Brandon Bays, is an extraordinary healing process for awakening, transformation and completion with life changing and lasting results

The Journey by Brandon Bays

A Designer Journey

During a Designer Journey process you will experience both the Physical and the Emotional Journey Processes combined, as outlined in Brandon's book 'The Journey'.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Journey

Journey Therapy with Tila Clark

About Me

I am blessed to have participated in Brandon's first ever Journey Accreditation programme, in London in 1999 and I am a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner.

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